Windows Vista SP1 Full – 80 mb only !!

ONLY 80MB! When extracted it becomes much larger but for a download, it’s an awesome size!!

Instructions included – i cannot write them here as pics are also needed and it is quite long – but do not hesitate – it only takes 10 mins and works 100%!!

More info is a bit hard to give but it’s basically Windows Vista 32 bit (Ultimate) in a tiny package, it has been compressed so you can download it faster instead of waiting ages for a 3GB one! once extracted follow the instructions i have provided and you will have a fully, updateable, functioning, Vista!

Enjoy it !!


Posted on August 26, 2008, in software. Bookmark the permalink. 13 Comments.

  1. Thanks But it is genuine or not

    Hope it works

  2. please send Instruction notes on


  3. yes, it is genuine. i hope you like it !

  4. please send Instruction notes on


  5. where are the instructions


    it is not working

  7. then open on error
    windows was undable to create a required installation folder.
    Error code:0x8007000b

    help me

  8. the link is not valid. please update link

  9. The link is not valid. Please update link.

  10. The link doesn’t work. Please update it.

  11. Sorry for triple comments. As when I goto click on submit comment it wasn’t coming up. Then it all come up at once.

  12. im sorry DAVETEE, the link doesnt work anymore, i had problems with rapidshare, and i will post a better operative system of vista ultimate tomorrow morning, Thanks !!

  13. I found out there 2 files in that vista installing that are corrupt and those are BOOT.WIM & INSTALL.WIM. There are the wrong size lucky I had a modified vista disc already which I replace those corrupt files with the ones from my disc then it worked like a charm. Doesn’t matter where u download it from it all got those corrupt 2 files. Plus why say it SP1 version when it not. It doesn’t have any service pack on it.

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