Nancy Drew The Haunting of Castle Malloy | 1096 Mb

Nancy Drew The Haunting of Castle Malloy | 1096 Mb

Ireland, the country of ancient legends and legends! Descendants of Celts trust till now in the history about ghosts and leprecon, about spirits and «the night people». It is no wonder that the local rumour blames malicious forces and sorcery for any strange incident. Here and this time the mysterious, dilapidated lock became object of neighbouring hearings and gossips. Despite it, here there should pass wedding ceremony.However on the eve of wedding the happy groom disappears. Whether the phantom for a long time the died girl, living in ruins is got mixed up in it, or hills of “emerald island» became a place of the refined crime? Fortunately, among the visitors invited to wedding it has appeared young сыщица Nensi Drju. And, as always, she burns with the desire to throw down a challenge any, even to the most terrible, secret.Glorified girl-detective appears in the thick of things. It should study the lock and surrounding district, to get acquainted with the Irish myths and stories of old residents. And again its uncommon mind will face a riddle, worthy its talent. Help Nensi to collect proofs and to interrogate suspects. Solve a crime and learn that is actually covered behind a legend about lock Malloj ghost!

Features of a product:
* Sixty years ago Brendan Malloj has blown up a lock part. Whether there can begin its descendants a new life in these cold walls?
* last time of Metta Simmonsa saw in the destroyed nursery. Now of it remind only the broken glasses.
* Earth round lock Malloj has become empty decades ago, but whether it is possible to trust stories about a phantom?

Minimum system requirements:
* Operating system Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista
* Processor Pentiumj III 1 GHz or similar Athlon®
* 128 MБ operative memory
* 1,3 GB an empty seat on a hard disk
* 3D-video adapter with memory 64 MB, compatible with DirectX® 9.0c (GeForce3 Ti200)
* Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0c
* DirectX® 9.0c
* Device for reading of disks

Download Links :–CUE-NFO-CUE.rar.html


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