Vista Start Menu SE 3.02 | 5,3 Mb

Vista Start Menu SE 3.02 | 5,3 Mb

Vista Start Menu is a convenient alternative to the Start menu for Windows XP and Windows Vista. This is a totally different approach in the implementation of the interface. Program designed to trifles and do exactly what you want with ease and convenience that you could enjoy a better interface.

– In the standard menu, everything that you see – is a long list of programs, so in order to find, you should read most of the titles. Vista Start Menu Programs icon shows, so you are much easier to find the program just a glance. In addition to this list is divided into sections, which also makes it easy to search.
– The Vista Start Menu to launch a program just go to a menu and click on the appropriate icon. If you need the accompanying files that were installed along with the program, you can get enough to bring the cursor to the icon and a menu, where you can find necessary.
– Vista Start Menu remembers the situation of icons, so when you remove or install a new program the other icons remain in place. You will not be asked each time to spend time searching spolzshey icons, as usually happens in a standard menu.

Operating system: Windows NT / XP / Vista

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