Image Synth 2

Luxology imageSynth v2.0 | 27.7 MB

Luxology imageSynth – the tremendous program intended for creation of seamless structures, background pictures, collages, brushes and textural maps, and also for improvement of quality of images. It is based on technology Allegorithmic and, on the one hand, gives the chance to operate flexibly options of the final image, and with another – has powerful tools for automatic selection of the best parametres. The utility is realised in the form of the separate program and in the form of a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop.

Among improvements and innovations of the second version it is possible to note the raised productivity, the plug-in works to 10 times faster the last version, especially on the multinuclear processors, improved to management of memory that is appreciable at work with the big scenes, compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite 4.

Key possibilities:
» Start of the program as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS3 or CS4
» Start of the program as the separate appendix
» Fastest work (in 10 times faster the first version)
» Support of two-nuclear processors »the Improved management of memory at processing of the big scenes
» Use of one or several images
» Ideal creation of natural structures, such like cardboard, stones, rocks etc.
» Sintezatsija of images from quantity of sub-regions of the image or its pieces »Separate parts can be edited manually
» Preliminary filtration for image smoothing
» Part or all image can be automatically synthesised in new images

Program will approach for:
– Users of the Photoshop
– Game designers
– Animators
– Architects and 3D-fashion designers
– Founders of advertising and professionals of the press
– Industrial designers

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